I'm Julian, a British Designer Based in San Francisco, California

Transforming Global Email Campaigns
Explore the Aditi email project, a comprehensive revamp of our global email campaigns. Faced with "inconsistency at scale" across nine regions, our mission was to create a seamless, brand-compliant, and accessible experience for both creators and audiences. Armed with data insights, we aimed to elevate open rates, reduce unsubscribes, and enhance delivery rates, ultimately aligning with industry benchmarks. This multifaceted journey involved deep research, streamlined workflows, and component-based design, culminating in a significant overhaul of our email marketing system. Discover how our innovative approach drove remarkable improvements in engagement, setting a new standard for global email campaigns.
Securitas Alarm Manager: App Re-design
This case study explores the transformation of the Alarm Manager app through data-driven insights and user-centered design principles. The project aimed to reduce false alarms by at least 50%, streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency within a traditionally siloed team. Discover how trust-building, thoughtful design, and collaboration led to significant improvements in this complex workflow.
DAM Week 2022 Speech
I was asked by Henry Stewart Events to speak at their DAM Industry Week 2022. The topic of my speech was to be an exploration of how our digital asset management system (DAM) was instrumental in the launch of STANLEY Security’s Aditi Design system.
Aditi Design System
STANLEY Security: a trusted partner for security solutions around the globe, required a full rebuild of their digital brand in a consistent, modern, and accessible fashion. This case study tells the story of how we launched STANLEY’s first user-tested end-to-end design system and utilized it to consolidate some 20 sites into a new scalable & fully accessible top-level domain.
Bynder Launch - Landing Page
To support the launch of STANLEY Security’s new digital asset management (DAM) system, I developed a suite of self-help assets, onboarding activities and launched a self-sustaining Bynder workplace community. However, to help evangelize Bynder and encourage users to sign-up, I developed a micro hype campaign build around a new campaign landing page.
Bynder DAM Launch
The pandemic rendered photo shoots all-but impossible. STANLEY’s need for a scalable digital asset management platform (DAM) became even greater as locations became inaccessible. It proved ineffective storing hundreds of creative assets & templates in SharePoint and Box. STANLEY thus required a single source of truth for all creative assets to support the Aditi Design System…enter Bynder.
Industry Trends Landing Page
Each year STANLEY Security releases its trends report which defines the security trends, challenges, and opportunities that may impact organizations in the coming year. For 2022 STANLEY required a new TLD-based landing page to form the center piece of the campaign and principal method for downloading the report.
UNA Logo Design
STANLEY Security is launching a new XAAS solution (UNA) and requires new branding (specifically a logo and art direction) that is brand appropriate, simple, and memorable. The logo will have multiple use cases and thus should be responsive and platform agnostic.
Panorama AWS Launch
Panorama...delivering customized, actionable video applications and analytics for real-time decision-making. STANLEY Security is joining the AWS Partner Network as part of our commitment to build safer, healthier and more efficient environments.
3xLOGIC campaign landing page to announce an innovative new product called VIGIL CLOUD™; a cloud managed video solution. VIGIL CLOUD allows customers to have the power to view, manage, and share video from anywhere, at any time and on any device.
McDonald's CCTV Upgrade Campaign
STANLEY Security is partnering with McDonald’s to offer EU franchisees the opportunity to participate in a globally approved CCTV upgrade program. This project was the design, development, and deployment of the landing page to launch the campaign internally with McDonald’s franchisees.
Time and Attendance Landing Page
STANLEY Security UK had an immediate need to launch a time and attendance solution campaign landing page whilst we built out an entire new website. The COVID-19 pandemic had increased the importance of finding the right time & attendance solution that enables organizations to optimize their employees’ work patterns more efficiently. The brief called for a landing page to introduce prospective customers to the solution and encourage them to complete an online quote. The site would also act as a live preference test of the new website design and how it would help improve conversion rates.
Remote Security Landing Page
With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, remote security solutions have become more important than ever to many organizations as they look to safeguard their assets, protect their people, and optimize their operations. This rapid 2 week sprint was a lead-gen activity designed to capture prospects interested in remotely guarding what matters most to them.
PACOM Brand Experience
The PACOM brand experience project was phase 1 of a larger rebranding project for PACOM. The Initial scope involved the definition of the brand fundamentals, establishing a new creative direction and building the platform for publication. Phase 2 would include the full design system and new website deployment.
STANLEY Security Data Center Landing Page
For this campaign we wished to provide users the ability to download our white paper for insights into the security challenges data center owners and operators face, as they continue to evolve and meet the world’s growing digital needs. The chosen solution was a single page CEROS experience with integrated PARDOT for lead capture.
Sonitrol Brand Fundamentals
This project was the definition and creation of the SONITROL Brand Fundamentals in order to kickstart the creation of SONITROL's new website.
PACOM Brand Fundamentals
This project was the definition and creation of the PACOM Brand Fundamentals in order to kickstart the creation of PACOM's new website.
3xLOGIC Brand Fundamentals
This project was the definition and creation of the 3xLOGIC Brand Fundamentals in order to kickstart the creation of 3xLOGIC's new website.
Conductor C3 2019 Media Package
This project was to create the presentation and videos (internal use only) to illustrate the 2019 Year in Review at STANLEY Healthcare
3xLOGIC Website Launch Video
This 12 hour project was to create a video that highlights the key features of the new 3xLOGIC.com website. Key focus points included the new design, drift chat and the dealer locator.
STANLEY Healthcare Website Launch Video
The creative brief was to storyboard, design and develop a video to announce the launch the new STANLEY Healthcare Website
STANLEY Healthcare New Website
Project to re-design the entire STANLEY Healthcare brand through the launch of a brand new website. Old website had over 13,000 pages, no analytics, automation or chat.....things were about to change......INTRODUCING THE NEW STANLEY HEALTHCARE.
CX Video for STANLEY Healthcare
Working with Gregory Ross Creative we created a Customer Experience (CX) video for STANLEY Healthcare. The customer experience initiative is one of the most transformational things STANLEY Healthcare will be doing over the next several years.
Hugs Infant Protection Purpose Video
Purpose video for STANLEY Healthcare's Hugs brand. The Hugs system offers hospital-wide protection for infants and pediatric patients.
STANLEY Healthcare Brand Fundamentals
Project to define and document the key aspects of STANLEY Healthcare's brand.
STANLEY Healthcare Vision Video
Working with Gregory Ross Creative we created a vision video for STANLEY Healthcare. Caregivers are the heart of every seniors’ community, every hospital and every home. Our mission is to connect caregivers to essential information, to each other and to those in their care so that they can deliver safe, secure and efficient care.
Arial U Microsite
Get complete control of your resident safety. The Arial solution is the most comprehensive platform for managing resident safety and security, including emergency call, UL 1069 nurse call and wander management.
AeroScout LINKS Logo
AeroScout Links makes environmental monitoring in healthcare simple and affordable. It’s a self-deployed IoT platform that will have you monitoring temperature and other environmental conditions in minutes
AeroScout Links Microsite
AeroScout Links makes environmental monitoring in healthcare simple and affordable. It’s a self-deployed IoT platform that will have you monitoring temperature and other environmental conditions in minutes
AAMI 2018 Microsite
AAMI is the premier conference for healthcare technology management. It is attended by more than 2,300 biomedical equipment technicians, clinical engineers, and others who manage or support medical devices for healthcare institutions. STANLEY Healthcare is proud to announce the launch of AeroScout Links at AAMI and unveil how to build the Real-Time Hospital.
Developed a new technique to create a distorted / pixelated look to text
Rocketeer inspired CrossFit poster
Rocketeer-inspired poster for an internal CrossFit box event. This poster is purely for fun and not for any sales or marketing purpose.
STANLEY Healthcare Instant Notifier (iOS version 2)
The aim of this project was to modernize the STANLEY Healthcare Instant Notifier iOS app. The app needed to adopt the latest iOS features without breaking established processes. The design intentionally borrowed key features from my Android version of the app, in order to unify the user experience across disparate devices. ABOUT INSTANT NOTIFIER Instant Notifier delivers the ability to communicate business events or emergencies, as they occur, to the appropriate staff or healthcare professionals. For example, hospital staff can receive immediate alerts on their PC, iPad, iPhone or iPod touch when a refrigerator’s temperature is out of range.
Sense | IT (iOS app)
Sense | IT is a conceptual app for STANLEY Security that aggregates data from every single smart device and retail associate to provide unparalleled data analytics for an entire retail chain. From the people walking in the door, the products walking out to the employees and contractors, Sense | IT allows organizations to make sense of that data; Data at the Human Level.
STANLEY Connected Services app
Connected services is next evolution of STANLEY Security's platform. The dedicated iOS app has been built from the ground up to transform insight into actionable intelligence.
Meritus Forensic Corporate Branding
Project to develop corporate logo, branding, website and stationery for Maryland based forensic engineeing start-up. Project was time constrained to 2 weeks effort.
HOPE Poster
Fun side project recreating the awesome Obama Hope poster using a photo of my own.
STANLEY Connected Store
Visualize stanley security’s retail vision of the connected store. customers with stanley intelligent products gain unprecedented insight through the power of analytics from the store to national level.
DEWALT Tools iBook
Currently developing iBook for DEWALT tools and am happy to share the first design.
Chalk Dirty to Me - Crossfit Campaign
Demo poster for internal local gym fun competition
MobileView Instant Notifier (Android)
The Instant Notifier application provides an effective way to immediately notify users when a MobileView alert occurs. The application automatically pops-up a window that displays important information about the event, including its current location on a map, status and an identifying image (such as an icon or photo). Instant Notifier also includes configurable message output, rules-based processing and optional audible alarms. Instant Notifier delivers the ability to communicate business events or emergencies, as they occur, to the appropriate staff. For example, hospital staff can receive immediate alerts on their PC, iPad, iPhone and ANDROID devices, when a refrigerator’s temperature is out of range.
STANLEY Healthcare HIMSS 2015 iBook
This is the STANLEY Healthcare HIMSS 2015 iBook i created which spans 19 chapters and 117 pages of interactive content ranging from images, videos, animations, interactive applications, brochures, spec sheets, sales sheets, testimonials, training materials and much much more.
STANLEY RoomCheck iOS App
RoomCheck is an application for STANLEY Healthcare’s MobileView real time location system. The application extends the visibility of MobileView to the room level. RoomCheck uses information configured within the MobileView Patient Flow application and displays it as a digital sign. This allows staff members in a medical clinic or hospital, to see real time room information without disturbing the occupants. The application was designed to be viewed on any compatible web browser installed on a tablet, which can be wall mounted outside patient rooms. The RoomCheck application displays which patient* is assigned to a room, the patient’s current status and location as well as additional custom properties, such as their procedure time or their assigned staff* members. Additionally, RoomCheck is able to display the room status, which staff* members are currently in the room and the room’s environmental conditions, such as humidity and temperature. The application is customizable, enabling different units within an organization to configure tailored views. RoomCheck is also available as a dedicated iOS app for iPad® or iPad® mini from the Apple® App Store℠.
STANLEY Healthcare HUGS Infant Protection
Poster advertising STANLEY Healthcare's HUGS infant protection solution.
Stanley Tape Measure - Print Mockup
STANLEY Tape measure print mockup
DEWALT Cordless Drill and Screwdriver
Mock Poster to illustrate one of our DEWALT drill / screwdrivers
MPF Law Branding
MPF Law Branding Project - Included Website, Facebook, Branding, Billboards and Stationery.
MyWork Fitness App
Mock app to demonstrate use of FLAT UI in iPad based dashboard
Men In Black XCOM Inspired Movie Poster
Men In Black movie poster inspired by the wonderful artwork found in the video game 'THE BUREAU'.
I was inspired by the poster for the 2013 Movie Enemy starring Jake Gyllenhaal to create this mock movie poster. I love the way they blend the city into the hair and wanted to experiment with such a design myself. I used a stock model and the New York skyline and went from there using the movie Devil as inspiration for the theme. Again this movie poster is completely fake and for illustration purposes only, any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.
Emerson Clothing Company Website
Mock website for fake company EMERSON Clothing
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